Deep Breath


That’s all you have to do, right? Inhale, exhale. Oxygen in, carbon dioxide out. You do it automatically, with absolutely no comprehension of the complex cycle your body goes through to keep you alive.

But there are times when you forget… Moments that stop all basic human function, including the ability to breathe. Those days when sorrowful tears strangle you. When stress prevents your heart from beating or the flames of anger consumes all you hold dear. Your lungs try desperately to fill with air but to no avail. Panic sets in. Harder and harder they work but nothing. You are suffocating at the hands of your own emotions.


The air is there. Let it in, inflate the lungs slowly, until they are near to bursting and then…let it go. Let it go and think. Think of those other moments that stopped the breath. Those days the joys of laughter caused you to choke. When excitement fervently shook the heart into action or the burst of happiness lifted you off the ground.

Keep these moments with you, hold them tight and always remember.

Just Breathe.








Everything will be OK.